Short Answer: Yes, if you are a Small or Medium Sized Business.

If you are a Small or Medium Sized Business, outsource social media management and hire experts to do a specialised job. And as it’s outsourced, you are just paying for the service unlike hiring someone in-house, where you have extra overheads such as office space, tech and HR costs.

An example of something that’s typically outsourced would be company accounting. Most SMB’s outsource their accounting to a professional accounting firm.

Social Media is becoming as essential as accounting. If potential customers see that you’re inactive on social media, or worse, if they cannot find you online easily, it can hurt your sales and business brand.

3 Options – Freelancer, In-house, and Agency.

I always like to say there is no black and white in life, and everything falls into the grey area that sits between these extremes. So in cost terms of deciding on your options to outsource social media, the grey area falls between hiring someone in-house for £23-30K a year, going to an agency for £10-18K a year, or hiring a single freelancer for £9-12K a year.

Which is best for you? Here are the main pro’s and con’s for each option:


outsource social media freelancer image

Pros – Cost. You can use sites like “Fiverr” or “People Per Hour” to get a freelancer for as low as £5 hour

Cons – Finding a reliable, competent freelancer. Limited range of tools and experience at your disposal


in-house social media image

Pros – Integrate deeply with internal departments in your company. Gives large companies both agility and control.

Cons – Cost. Someone with proven social media experience and you are looking at up to 30K a year. Extra costs with employing additional team member (PAYE, pension, travel, computer, desk, holidays, etc.)


outsource social media agency image

Note: This has a grey area too as agencies come in many shapes and sizes

Pros – Flexibility of a freelancer but with a larger pool of resources. Also, it’s a smaller commitment compared to an in-house hire, and if it isn’t working out with the chosen worker, you can try someone/where else to outsource social media.

Cons – Cost. Anything from £1K – £10K a month. However, agencies provide the best value for money as you can find an agency where the pricing matches the size and requirements of your business.

Trusting Outsourcing?

Can someone else write about your business? Yes. Absolutely. As long as they do their research on your business, your industry and competitors. They will then be able to find the best tone, create in-depth content plans and at the end of the day be able to speak on the companies behalf confidently.

If you’re interested in finding out more about outsourcing social media prices then download our handy comparison guide here 

Nick S