Film Marketing Summary

The aim was to provide film marketing, build content, and grow fans across social media to show potential distributors an active online audience for when the feature film Redwood was ready for the festival circuit in 2017, with the ultimate aim of getting a distribution deal.

The Client

Stern Pictures Industries is one of the most dynamically growing film production companies in Europe. They have built up our film portfolio in a little over three years and now boast significant in-house production capabilities. Redwood is there fifth feature length film production.

Film Marketing Challenges

Redwood was an independent production with only one well-known actor (Nicholas Brendon from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘) as an asset to promote the film which presented some challenges in reaching an engaging audience. From a film marketing perspective, we had to build the social media profiles and online audience from scratch as this was a new film.

Redwood Nicholas Brendon Film Marketing

The Solution

The film marketing campaign started in the pre-production phase, so we were able to create a story across the production of the film and use on-set photos and videos to follow the process all the way through to the premiere of Redwood and eventual signing of a distribution deal.

A micro website was set up, and the director created a teaser trailer focused on the Buffy references. By generating social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and using our in-houses techniques to grow a targeted fan base, we quickly increased the fan base to a few thousand during the pre-production and during the filming on location.

We aimed at building the fan base across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram focusing on the target audience of Buffy fans. We tailor made memes and behind-the-scene videos that cast shared via Instagram which has been the most engaged audience base. These posts allowed organic sharing which in turn lead to further discovery of the film for fans over time.

To engage traditional film marketing, we flew press reporters to be on location during filming, so they were able to interview the director and actors and get a real feel for the film. As a result, we had two separate,  4-page feature spreads in film industry magazines.

The Results

Through our US press base, we secured several Youtube channels to support the teaser trailer and achieved over 150,000 views and grew the combined audience to over 10,000+ film fans.

  • Facebook Views of Trailer           2700
  • Views on youtube trailer              157000
  • Youtube Likes                                403
  • Youtube comments                       46
  • Twitter Followers                          4145
  • Facebook Fans                               4476
  • Instagram Followers                    2706

The on-location reporters published 4-page articles on Redwood and the director Tom Paton, with front cover mention of the film also.

Film Marketing Magazine Pictures

Redwood gained official selection for Frightfest 2017 and director Tom Paton was shortlisted for the ‘Rising Star’ award.

Redwood Frightfest Poster

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