In today’s world, social media is essential for startups to create an online presence, showcase their brand to the world, and offer a way to communicate and cultivate new fans within their target audience.

Money for Startups

One of the problems startups face is developing their brands’ audience. It’s a bit of a catch 22 situation. You need customers to spend money so you can develop marketing, but you need marketing to get the customers in the first place. Luckily social media marketing is one of the most effective tools that a business can use. You won’t need a lot of money for a successful social media campaign that can make people sit up and take notice. However, you do need to be aware of a few things first which I’ll take you through in this post.

Social Media Icons for startups

Why should startups use Social Media?

Using social media correctly can help define and bolster your brand, it can help you reach and connect with the right audience for your product and it can build strong relationships with potential clients. We are a nation obsessed with social media. And for good reason. Currently, the quality of content on social media is at a high. So many people use the various platforms available and the quality and quantity of content is growing daily. Startups are in a great position to take advantage of this, one of the key things with social media content is that new is good. And by definition a startup is new. So you are already set to provide the world with original content!

Another useful part of using social media as a startup is that you can use it to gain feedback on your campaigns almost instantaneously. This is way past the days when you spend a fortune on a magazine advert only for it to not do as well as planned and feedback months down the line suggested that the font type wasn’t popular. With social media you benefit from extra information during the preliminary stages of your campaign, providing you with a more user-friendly successful campaign. (as long as you listened to the feedback!)

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Here are the three main things you should consider when using social media for your startup:

Startup Strategy

1. Strategy first, profiles second.

It’s very easy to jump onto twitter and set up a profile and start tweeting, however before you steam ahead with setting up every profile and making them all look pretty, you need to focus on what you want to achieve. Create a social media strategy. You need to think about your startups business objectives and goals, and how using social media can help you achieve them. You need to make sure you have a consistent brand ‘voice’ across your channels.

2. Choose the right social networks and listen to your audience.

If your startups product is aimed at the over-sixties, you probably shouldn’t bother with Snapchat. Know your audience and know the network they use. You may find that not all networks are suitable for your objectives. Do the research and listen to what the audiences say on each platform. The great thing about there being a wide variety of choice in terms of social media channels is that they each have their own unique style, content and user. So even if your objective is targeting a fairly niche market, at least one of the social media networks will cater to them and help provide you with the platform to reach them.

3. Don’t stop developing.

Always be willing to evolve as you develop. Take advantage of new techniques and trends and experiment with what works for you. If a certain type of content isn’t having the desired outreach, try something new! In the early stages of a startups life, you have a lot more freedom to play around with content styles and engagement techniques, just make sure that you take the time to evaluate your social media approach frequently to ensure that your goals and targets are being met and if not, to analyse why this is and how to change it.

Startups Ideas

Finally here are some tips for a startups successful social media presence:

Engage with your audience: by engaging with your users on a regular basis you provide a connection that will last.

Be consistent: Rather than posting one decent post on a Monday then panicking to fill the rest of the week, take the time to ensure that each piece of content is of the same standard.

Listen to your users: Focus on what your customers want, not what you want to give them. Hear their feedback and respond to it.

Find your USP: You love your startups brand/product, right? So share that. Be proud of what you have to offer and find a way of sharing it that is original and demonstrates its value to your users.

Share and Share alike: Be a contributing presence online. If you like someone else’s post or product, share it! Tell others to check it out. People will do the same to you.

Startup Strategy on board

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