Start posting automatically on your Social Media in ten minutes or less.

I wanted to write an article on how to set up your social media automation in 10 mins or less. That means setting up a profile and having it generate content for you automagically. Can it be done? Hell yes. I have done it and you can too!

I’m going to assume that you have no social media at all (to make it easier for demonstration purposes) but do have a name for your company and a logo. For the purpose of this exercise I’ve come up with a new “company” called ‘SnackChat’ and I’ll use the emoji symbol of the lollipop as the logo.

Step 1: Create a twitter account.

Pretty straight forward. Go to and create a new account.

Add your company name, logo and a short bio.

Step 2: Create a Social Pilot account

Go to and simply click the ‘Connect with Twitter’ button. Social Pilot is my favourite social media automation tool, and I have used them ALL. You can’t beat it in value for money (it’s free!) and I’ve converted quite a few colleagues recently after showing them how good it is.

Step 3: Set up your schedule

The next page tells Social Pilot when to post. I’m going to leave it set to default and click Set Schedule as those times also happen to be a great time (or worst depending on your opinion) for having a snack!

On the next screen, a textbox will appear, click Skip underneath the box so we can set up your tweets automagically!

Step 4: Set up your Content and Feed

On the dashboard, you will see a ‘Content and Feed’ tab. Click this and we can then set up content that will auto populate your twitter account. Click on ‘Curated Content’ and under the ‘Schedule Curated Content’ drop-down menu choose a topic. I’m going to go with ‘Health and Fitness’ as we are all about the food baby!

Go down the list and anything that looks interesting click ‘Add to Queue’ and presto, when the next time slot rolls around on the schedule we set up earlier it will post this on your twitter feed. Click on 21 items and you now have a twitter feed that will post automatically for the next week!


You can probably tell there is a lot more to be done with Social Pilot, not to mention setting up your Facebook and Instagram accounts and adding more direct content regarding your brand or company, but you can already see how quickly you can be up and running on social media.

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of Social Pilot (but maybe I should be!)



If you have read this far I have a bonus tip for you. Install the Social Pilot Web Extension, I use Chrome, and you can automatically add content to your schedule from anywhere on the web with the click of a button. Works with Twitter and Facebook posts too!